Jan 12, 2022

SigmaOS 2022 Recap! 🎢

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It's free and super easy to set up

Jan 12, 2022

SigmaOS 2022 Recap! 🎢

Get SigmaOS Free

It's free and super easy to set up

Jan 12, 2022

SigmaOS 2022 Recap! 🎢

Get SigmaOS Free

It's free and super easy to set up

SigmaOS year in review ⏰

In 2022, SigmaOS went from an interesting new tool to a real web browser that you can truly rely on.

This year, our users opened over 5 million tabs. That’s one every 6 seconds 🤯.And more than half of these tabs were opened in the last 2 months alone. Tech is incredible.

As of today, you can find SigmaOS across 5,000+ different startups, 5,000+creatives, and 250+ different universities. And we became one of Ali Abdaal’s favorite tools of 2022 👇

Sigma’s the best browser I’ve ever used. I didn’t know what I was missing with Chrome until I switched to Sigma. My tabs are beautifully organised into workspaces, and I save so much time with the keyboard shortcuts and ease of navigation ~ Ali Abdaal

So, what else happened this year? Here are some of the major updates from the last 12 months...

SigmaOS is Stable 💪

Top of our priority list for last year was to turn SigmaOS into a robust, reliable tool. This is the first thing we worked on after our successful Product Hunt launchl ast year when we won #1 Product of the Month, Week, and Day in August.

You expect a lot from your browser… and browsers are complicated. So we spent the first part of the year working on making SigmaOS stable.

Specifically, we hit our top 3 targets 🎯:

  1. 💥 We rarely go down. Crashes per 1,000 actions decreased from 1.75 → 0.07

  2. ⚡️ SigmaOS is now blazingly fast. Every action takes less than 250ms.

  3. 📽️ All your favorite video tools - including Google Meets, Slack Huddlesand Zoom - now run smoothly on SigmaOS.

This has been a very important undertaking for us and allowed us to launch SigmaOS 1.0. 🚀 Once again, we became one of the top Products of the Day, Week, and Month on Product Hunt in November 2022.

In other words, we’re out of beta! 🥳

SigmaOS has Extensions 🧩

Support for Chrome Extensions was our #1 requested feature in 2022. In November, after a lot of work and testing, we released support for downloading extensions yourself into SigmaOS.

This is huge because SigmaOS is a WebKit-based browser, just like Safari. It is the first time that these many extensions have operated on the WebKit ecosystem, ever 😳.

You’ve downloaded over 25K extensions this year. Keep ‘em coming! 🤓

SigmaOS is Free for hobbyists 😎

SigmaOS is designed to be the best web browser for you to use at work. But to get started and replace your old legacy browser (you know who I’m talking of...😉), you need to be able to use it for everyday activity.

So in March 2022, we released the Free Plan for SigmaOS. It includes everything you love about SigmaOS: the extensions from Chrome, the performance of Safari, the ad-blocker from Brave, and the design of SigmaOS. It's perfect for personal use and will always remain free! 🤩

SigmaOS for Students 🎒

This year, we made SigmaOS the best browser for students by adding support to your favorite extensions like Zotero and Paperpile and making the design friendlier than ever. And now we’re in over 250 schools! 🎓

Oh, and we announced our education plan, which allows students, researchers, and educators to use SigmaOS Pro for free. 🤑

Students love SigmaOS as a productivity tool for mac 🧑‍🎓

SigmaOS for Startups 🦄

This year, we also focused on making SigmaOS the best browser for people at startups.

Workspaces are perfect to help you manage the many hats you must wear in a startup 🧢. You can organize your resources, web apps, and searches in a way that truly makes sense for you. Fly through your work with perfect, personalized workflows. 🌪️

Co-browsing™ (we haven't actually trademarked it, but we should...) takes collaboration on the web to next level 💫. For the first time ever, on SigmaOS, you can now create Shared Workspaces with your colleagues to easily share pages and work together 🤝

Collaboration is a must for a productivity tool, and now you can co-brows on SigmaOS

Collaboration is a must for a productivity tool, and now you can co-browse on SigmaOS 👯

SigmaOS: Designed for You 😍

This year, we released new designs for many of your favorite parts of SigmaOS.

Focus 🎯

Focus Mode, with the Magic Theme, makes you more immersed in your browser than ever before. It’s the perfect way to stay in the zone.

Ads ✋

Our built-in ad blocker gets rid of everything we dislike about the internet.

Mini-windows 🐣

Mini-windows allow you to take a page out of SigmaOS if you’re using multiple monitors.

Personalize ✏️

Rename your tabs and workspaces to what they mean to you.

Cloud Sync 🔄

Your SigmaOS looks the same across all the devices you log in to.

So what’s in store for 2023? 🤔

In 2022 we built a real, powerful new tool for your workflow.

In 2023, we’ll make SigmaOS the essential tool that you can use anywhere, anytime.

This year, we plan to:

  • 🧑‍🎨 Push the limits of design and personalization so that SigmaOS feels perfect to every little detail

  • 🙌 Take co-browsing to the next level so that it becomes integral to your team’s work.

  • 📲 Bring SigmaOS to your handheld devices… that’s gonna change the game.

Along the way, we look forward to shipping new features, working with more companies, and expanding our community of browser warriors ⚔️

And finally... THANK YOU 🧡

As we begin 2023, we just wanted to take a moment to say a huge thank you for all your support over the past 12 months. 👏

You have all been amazing, with over 1,700 feedback forms submitted (wow, that's over 4 per day!) 😅. Not to mention the 1,000+ of you who joined the community on Slack. We truly appreciate all the love and enthusiasm you've shown for SigmaOS. It's the reason we do what we do. 🥹

We hope you'll continue enjoying using SigmaOS and spreading the word to all your friends and teammates. 📣

Here's to an amazing year ahead! 🥂

🧡 The SigmaOS team 🧡