How to Duplicate Tab on Opera GX

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How to Duplicate Tab on Opera GX

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How to Duplicate Tab on Opera GX

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How to Duplicate Tab on Opera GX

Are you often multitasking online and need quick access to duplicate tabs for efficiency? Look no further than Opera GX, the gaming browser, and its tab duplication feature. In this article, we'll break down how to duplicate a tab in Opera GX and explore various methods for customized tab management. We'll also troubleshoot common tab duplication issues, ensuring you can maximize your surfing productivity.

Understanding Tab Duplication in Opera GX

Simply put, tab duplication is the process of creating an exact copy of an open tab in a new browser window. This feature is particularly useful for those who are working on multiple projects or comparing different webpages side by side. Opera GX, a gaming browser, has made it easier for users to duplicate tabs with just a few clicks.

Why Duplicate Tabs in Opera GX?

The ability to duplicate tabs is a gamechanger for many tasks. For instance, if you are conducting research, you can have multiple tabs of the same webpage open at the same time. This way, you can compare different sections of the webpage without having to navigate back and forth between pages. Similarly, if you are comparison shopping, you can have multiple tabs open for different products. This allows you to compare prices and features side by side. Social media managers can also benefit from tab duplication. They can have multiple tabs open for different social media platforms and manage them simultaneously.

Overall, duplicating tabs saves time and increases productivity.

How Tab Duplication Works in Opera GX

Duplicating a tab in Opera GX is simple. You can either use keyboard shortcuts, right-click context menu, or extensions. To duplicate a tab using a keyboard shortcut, simply press "Ctrl" + "Shift" + "T" on Windows or "Cmd" + "Shift" + "T" on Mac. Alternatively, you can right-click on the tab and select "Duplicate Tab" from the context menu. Some extensions, such as "Duplicate Tab," can also be used to duplicate tabs.

Once you've duplicated a tab, you can customize it with different settings and save it for later use. For instance, you can change the zoom level, mute the tab, or change the theme. You can also save the duplicated tab as a bookmark or a speed dial for quick access later on.

In conclusion, tab duplication is a useful feature in Opera GX that can save time and increase productivity. Whether you are conducting research, comparison shopping, or managing social media, duplicating tabs can make your tasks easier and more efficient.

Methods to Duplicate Tabs in Opera GX

Opera GX is a popular web browser that offers a range of features to enhance your browsing experience. One of the most useful features is the ability to duplicate tabs. This can save you time and effort, especially if you need to refer to multiple pages at once. Here are some methods you can use to duplicate tabs in Opera GX:

Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are the quickest and most efficient way to duplicate a tab in Opera GX. Simply press "Ctrl + T" for a new tab, and then press "Ctrl + Shift + T" to duplicate the current tab. You can do this as many times as needed. This method is especially useful if you need to duplicate multiple tabs quickly.

Utilizing the Right-Click Context Menu

If you prefer using your mouse, you can duplicate a tab by right-clicking on it and selecting "Duplicate" from the context menu. The new tab will appear alongside the original one. This method is straightforward and easy to use, and it's a great option if you only need to duplicate one or two tabs.

Employing Extensions for Enhanced Tab Management

If you want more customized tab management, Opera GX offers a range of extensions that can help. One popular extension is "Tab Manager Plus for Opera," which allows you to group tabs, rename them, and save them for later use. This is a great option if you need to keep track of multiple tabs and want to stay organized.

Another powerful extension is "OneTab," which condenses all your open tabs into a single tab for easy browsing. This is particularly useful if you have many tabs open at once and want to streamline your browsing experience. With OneTab, you can easily switch between tabs and save them for later use.

Overall, there are many methods you can use to duplicate tabs in Opera GX, depending on your preferences and needs. Whether you prefer keyboard shortcuts or extensions, Opera GX has you covered.

Customizing Opera GX for Efficient Tab Management

Modifying Tab Settings

Customizing your tab settings can make using Opera GX a more efficient experience. You can customize settings such as opening new tabs in the background or foreground, hibernating tabs, or setting how many tabs can be open at once. To access these settings, go to "Settings" > "Basic" > "Tabs."

Organizing Tabs with Workspaces

Opera GX's "Workspaces" feature allows you to organize tabs based on the tasks or projects you're currently working on. For example, you can create a workspace for work-related tabs and another for personal use. To create a workspace, click on the "Switch to workspace" icon in the sidebar, then select "Create a new workspace."

Utilizing Tab Cycling and Tab Previews

Another way to navigate between tabs efficiently in Opera GX is by using the "Tab cycling" and "Tab previews" features. "Tab cycling" allows you to cycle through tabs using the "Ctrl + Tab" or "Shift + Ctrl + Tab" keyboard shortcuts, while "Tab previews" displays a thumbnail view of each open tab for quick browsing.

Troubleshooting Common Tab Duplication Issues

Resolving Duplicate Tab Errors

If Opera GX won't let you duplicate a tab, it may be due to browser settings or an extension conflict. Try disabling your extensions or modifying your browser settings. Alternatively, you can check for updates and ensure you're using the latest version of Opera GX.

Restoring Lost or Accidentally Closed Tabs

Accidentally closing a tab is a common issue for any internet user. Luckily, Opera GX's "Recent Tabs" feature allows you to restore recently closed tabs with ease. To access this feature, click on the "Menu" icon in the sidebar, then select "Recent Tabs."

Managing High Memory Usage from Multiple Tabs

If you're experiencing high memory usage due to multiple open tabs, consider using Opera GX's "GX Control" feature. GX Control allows you to limit CPU and RAM usage for your browser, ensuring your device doesn't slow down or crash. To access this feature, click on "Settings" > "Advanced" > "GX Control."


In conclusion, Opera GX's tab duplication feature and customized tab management options make it a fantastic browser for multitasking and increasing productivity. By understanding how to duplicate a tab, utilizing various methods for customizing your tabs, and troubleshooting common issues, you can take full advantage of this browser's powerful features. So get started today and see how Opera GX can improve your browsing experience.